In YOKANDO.COM you can choose the payment method that you like the most. We indicate the payment methods we accept:


It is the fastest, most convenient and safest way to pay for your purchases. Remember that to pay by Internet you must have activated this modality in your credit card, something that already comes by defect in those of the last years.

Orders whose payment is made by credit card do not include any type of commission and are the first to process.


One of the most popular forms of payment on the Internet is Paypal, if you already have your created Paypal account you can use it to make your payments on YOKANDO.COM


You can also make the payment of the order by bank transfer. When you place the order select the payment method "Bank Transfer" and we will indicate the data to make the transfer.

Orders whose payment is made by bank transfer will be processed once the payment has been confirmed.

The orders with bank transfer will take more time in the completion of the process of sending due to the managements between banking entities. If you wish to accelerate the process, send the proof of payment attached to