Roca Toilet Seats

Roca toilet seats

Catalog of Toilet Caps wc Roca of different models, styles and types so that you can find here the lid that best fits your toilet.

In YOKANDO we are specialists in wc caps from first manufacturers such as Roca, a leading company in the commercialization of first quality toilets, washbasins and bidets. Search our online store for the toilet lid model you need: choose the model, select the product and measure the lid of your toilet. Discover how easy it is to buy toilet lids in YOKANDO!

Find your Roca toilet seat:

  •     Toilet Seat Roca Victoria
  •     Toilet Seat Roca Dama
  •     Toilet Seat Roca Meridian
  •     Toilet Seat Roca Giralda

Roca is a Barcelona company founded in 1917, dedicated in the beginning to the manufacture of radiators. Over the years they specialized in sanitary ware, the cornerstone of the company today. He has received numerous awards and is one of the most outstanding brands of toilets in our country.

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