Toilet Seats

Toilet seats tailored to your toilet

Toilet covers for all models on the market. In our online catalog you will find the one you need for your toilet.

If you are not sure, we will help you:


Find at YOKANDO toilet seats from practically all manufacturers, such as Roca toilet seats and Gala toilet seats, as well as universal toilet seats that adapt to any toilet. In YOKANDO you can find round covers, square covers and elongated covers, in all shapes, models and colors to perfectly adapt to your toilet.

We have seats with different finishes, from cushioned to normal fall, in various sizes, colors, brands and models. Whether you are looking for your Dama de Roca, Boch or any Bellavista model, at YOKANDO we have the seat you are looking for for your toilet. We also have complements and accessories for the toilet: fittings, elevators, Japanese toilets and children's covers.

In addition, the decorated toilet covers will give a different decoration and a touch of elegance and distinction to your bathroom.

How to find the toilet seat you need?

1- Locate the model of your toilet

There are universal toilet covers and, therefore, adaptable to any toilet, so if you can not find your model we can choose one of this type. If, on the other hand, we know specifically the model of toilet you have, we offer you a custom-made seat that fits perfectly in it.

The important measurements for the covers are made taking into account both the seat and the entire cover, in length, width and the measurements between the fastening holes.

2- Taking measurements

We make the appropriate measurements, in order to achieve that our toilet lid fits perfectly, since it is essential that they fit like a glove. Don't miss more tips in our Blog article!

Take a look at the amount of toilet covers that we have at YOKANDO, and you will be right in your choice of brand, model and just finish. Too easy!

3- Buy your toilet seat

Add the model you need to your shopping cart and order it online, we will take it home!